Friday, 29 June 2012

Hmmm. I always seem to be a little bit more motivated each time after I have been naughty. I guess I haven't been terribly naughty, but not 100% on track!! This morning I finished work and went back to bed until 930am which is unlike me, lately I have had very little energy and sleeping in till 845am is fine by me! I'm usually up and at em by 730am so it is somewhat annoying. Any who, I then went and met a great friend of mine for a 'fitness' walk. Instead, it was a casual walk around the bridges which actually ended up being a nice 5km walk or so, but it was taken at a slow pace AND we stopped for a gorgeous breakfast on the way. I had old lucy hat on and ordered the salmon and potato hash. I never eat potato so this is odd for me... it was yum, well, the salmon and peas were yum, the potato not so much, but of course I ate it all up ;). Although in saying this, it will keep me going for much of the day. I have work tonight for 36 hours straight which means I need to plan for two dinners, a lunch and a breakfast and take it all to work to prepare.
Breakfast will be easy: a packet of porridge with some yoghurt and prunes
Lunch: I have some mushroom soup, although I'm unsure if it will keep until tomorrow lunchtime? Lets hope so.
Dinner tonight: I can probably have before I have to be at work.
Dinner tomorrow night:.............................................................. goodness me. I have some eggs. Well, ONE egg. I may just have to make a trip to the super market before work I think.

In other news, I have a personal trainer. I'm off to see him next Thursday for my first session. I have worked with him before and he is pretty good, I think he will push me to the limit too so that will be great. He is convinced I will lose the 6kg I want to pretty easily to get to my dream weight. I was SO SO SO close last time, with only 2kg to go but I mucked that up. Really disappointing..but i just LOVE food. I need to think of easy yummy recipes that aren't bad for me!! Get thinking girlfriend!!

Also, thinking of converting to Tumblr for this new weightloss? Unsure. I also took photos yesterday which I am too ashamed to even put on here, yet I know it will be great motivation.

Over and out.
Considering the gym this arvo.
Why do we worry so much?


Tuesday, 12 June 2012

I have just read EVERYTHING I wrote when I was on my weight loss journey. So impressive to see how far I came and the struggles I went through to get there. I remember, so proudly some of those moments, yet so shamefully some of the others. Right now its a shameful moment, but i do hope there are not many more of them to come. I have eaten out, one way or another for about 3 weeks straight, NO exaggeration. I feel terrible.

So. With the help of Ashy Bines Clean Eating Plan and a HINT of motivation (let me tell you, its not raging!!) I shall get back on this bandwagon and give this all another shot. My body obviously plateaued at a reasonable 68kg (after putting on 4kg over summer!!). I want to get this back down, and more. I don't know what makes today different from yesterday or the other days, but today I am motivated.

I write this at 10.21pm after a full day of eating.

Two eggs scrambled on toast
Two small handfuls of shapes
A cup of AMAZING tomato soup with tortilla chips AND half a muffin
Two pieces of toast with loads of butter and some marmite
A cup of tea or two
A cup of coffee too
A beeeeautiful dinner cooked by my lovely boyfriend from Ashy Bines Clean Eating Plan!
Onion Rings
A choccy fish and another cup of tea.

Tomorrow will be a better day filled with considerably less carbohydrates!

Tata for now.

Tuesday, 31 January 2012

the 8 kg battle.

Yip, hello. Sorry I haven't been on lately. In a little bit of denial I think to be honest about how much weight I've put on and how I have done it also! In previous posts I had written about eating a whole amount of food since arriving back in Wellington and not really stopping. I have toned it down, a LOT - but I think that is almost just out of chance. There haven't been the big xmas do's or the shared lunches around as much lately and my body has been praising me for it! I have been trying to get a few walks in a week but it is a far cry from the every day a week (sometimes twice a day) routine I had going. So just last week I joined the gym - I have a two month membership and so far I have used it about 3 times and the adjoining pool once. I have been trying TRYING TRRRYYYYYING to get up early to get to the gym before work and it has happened twice. Tomorrow will be the third time (if I get to sleep very very soon!)... I want to start posting photos again soon because I found that often gave me some sort of strength to keep going when i'd see those wide childbearing hips come up on the screen!!

So the title says the 8kg battle? Yeah... thats how much I want to lose by THE END OF THE YEAR. So I have 11months to lose 8kg - starting tomorrow. That is SUCH an achievement, I just need to take it bit by bit. So I have set out a wee plan and by April I hope to be back down to 65kg. I will post a photo for every KG i lose! Yes I will!

Things not so good

  • Bread and butter
  • Chocolate
  • Meal options for lunches
  • Making sure I get to the gym
  • Always needing something for dessert
  • Portion CONTROL.
  • Being at home with a whole lot of food in the cupboards!
Good things
  • Started back at the gym
  • Have a plan
  • Have great support
  • I have given up drinking!! 
  • Have 3 weddings coming up and I plan to drink at..... NONE! 
  • Endeavour to blog regularly 
Love Fatty.

Heheheh just kidding.

Tuesday, 3 January 2012

up up up!

ahh... post holiday blues. haven't worried about what i've been eating for the past month at least... and lets just say things got a little out of hand. I ate my way through loads of choccie, bread, butter, sweets, icecreams, hot chips, hotdogs and ALCOOHOOOLLL. That last one HAS to be the reason I am now 4kg heavier than when I arrived. I had gone from drinking nothing to drinking most weekends and it has to stop. I have set a new goal and apparently I will meet it by March if i stick to the goods. I started today off with quite a big breakfast of porridge and some toast with scrambled eggs... haven't been hungry just yet..its all about listening to the body, right? I think its also about having great choices in the house for me to munch on... I remember a time where I would have strawberries and nuts for lunch - so good and it kept me tied over - I had the best routine ever - no wonder I lost so much weight!!

Time to get back into it.
Looking forward to a new me.

Sunday, 11 December 2011


Got the shock I needed this morning when I hopped on the scales. Have put on 1.7kg since I have been home.... thought it was taking a wee while to catch up on me and BAM, there it is. So I have to LISTEN to my body like I used to and eat ONLY when hungry. I'm really gutted seeing that big spike put into my chart on and to realise I am back where to the weight I was in October, losing two months work. It really isn't easy, is it? It takes two months to come off, yet can be put on in a matter of weeks. It motivates me though, I realise I need to go back to my old ways, and these little 'treats' I have been having must be cut until Xmas Day and only then can I have one day off. Also, NY resolution, drink less. Over the weekend had a very boring experience of alcohol, didn't enjoy it when drinking, went to town and so many drunk louts out and about, I have begun to realise what is important to me, and basing friendships on alcohol, isn't.

Here is to a healthier day, week, month, year. One step at a time.

Saturday, 10 December 2011

tough times.

I arrived home about three weeks ago and its been bread, chocolate, buttter (and lots of it) and cheese ever since. These things I BARELY had while I was going really well and boy I am starting to feel it. All that plus going from excercising 5 times a week to about 2 times in a shitty packed gym - not ideal. So basically with two weeks until new years, two weeks until I have to feel comfortable in a bikini which was my ultimate goal, something has to change.

Theres a gym available at the moment that offers free gym if you take along a can of food - thats me until Xmas!!! Its hard because you hear loads of people you are looking great so you think sweet a piece of bread or 2 won't hurt. but when its a piece of bread or 2 when you haven't had it in shows.

So bring on the festive season, but not till Xmas day!!!!

Bring on a new mindset, bring on bikini!

Wednesday, 9 November 2011


Howdy ho! Still a little bit more work to do to feel comfortable in this bikini!!BUT i put one on layby! and a very very very expensive one at that. hoping to get a nice we tan sometime soon hahaha. excited for summer i might add!!