Friday, 29 June 2012

Hmmm. I always seem to be a little bit more motivated each time after I have been naughty. I guess I haven't been terribly naughty, but not 100% on track!! This morning I finished work and went back to bed until 930am which is unlike me, lately I have had very little energy and sleeping in till 845am is fine by me! I'm usually up and at em by 730am so it is somewhat annoying. Any who, I then went and met a great friend of mine for a 'fitness' walk. Instead, it was a casual walk around the bridges which actually ended up being a nice 5km walk or so, but it was taken at a slow pace AND we stopped for a gorgeous breakfast on the way. I had old lucy hat on and ordered the salmon and potato hash. I never eat potato so this is odd for me... it was yum, well, the salmon and peas were yum, the potato not so much, but of course I ate it all up ;). Although in saying this, it will keep me going for much of the day. I have work tonight for 36 hours straight which means I need to plan for two dinners, a lunch and a breakfast and take it all to work to prepare.
Breakfast will be easy: a packet of porridge with some yoghurt and prunes
Lunch: I have some mushroom soup, although I'm unsure if it will keep until tomorrow lunchtime? Lets hope so.
Dinner tonight: I can probably have before I have to be at work.
Dinner tomorrow night:.............................................................. goodness me. I have some eggs. Well, ONE egg. I may just have to make a trip to the super market before work I think.

In other news, I have a personal trainer. I'm off to see him next Thursday for my first session. I have worked with him before and he is pretty good, I think he will push me to the limit too so that will be great. He is convinced I will lose the 6kg I want to pretty easily to get to my dream weight. I was SO SO SO close last time, with only 2kg to go but I mucked that up. Really disappointing..but i just LOVE food. I need to think of easy yummy recipes that aren't bad for me!! Get thinking girlfriend!!

Also, thinking of converting to Tumblr for this new weightloss? Unsure. I also took photos yesterday which I am too ashamed to even put on here, yet I know it will be great motivation.

Over and out.
Considering the gym this arvo.
Why do we worry so much?


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